Winners are announced for Elementary, Middle and High School. Winners are not listed in any particular order.
The judges who are tutors found it hard to give first, second and third prizes.

All winning essays and videos are posted below the winner’s name 

Elementary School Winners

  1. Gauri Parasnis,-  Grade 3
  2. Anaira Khan – Grade 2
  3. Simone Payne- Grade 2

Middle School Winners

1. Devanshi Sharma – Grade 7
2. Pari Gupta  – Grade 6
3. Heba S  — Grade 7
4. Aaryan Nanda — Grade 8  –  A special prize for research and some good thoughts

High School:

1. Ashley WInt – Grade 11
2. Tiwi Lanre-Adisa – Grade 11
Huda Cheema — Grade 11 –  Special prize for well-researched video – Grade 11



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