Oakville’s history dates back to the early 1800s . The crown — Britishers that ruled  Canada then bought the land between Etobicoke and Hamilton from the aboriginal Mississaugas , except for the land between 12 mile creek ( Bronte) and Sixteen Mile creek. The Mississaugas ceded this land to the Crown which then auctioned it to Colonel William K. Chisholm, who is known as the father of Oakville .

Chisholm’s father, originally from Scotland, who  resided in Tryon County, New York had  left the place as a result of the Revolutionary War. As per an article in the Oakville Beaver, “He maintained his family contacts there and in the area he had lived, there was an Oaksville, west of Otsego Lake. It not only had a common name, but the original industry was built on white oaks”. And hence the literal name — city of oak{s} or Oakville 

 Oakville Harbour has sail and power boats at anchor today. But in  the 1800s, it was a busy shipping port, producing ships from its shipbuilding yards. “These schooners, made in part from local white oak, were not just made for the lakes – some sailed on salt water voyages as far away as South Africa. The yacht ‘Canada’, crewed by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, was built in Oakville and was the first to win the Canada’s Cup.


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