Art exhibition at the hospital?

A contemporary art exhibition entitled, Close to Home will be launched on Saturday, April 27 by the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) Art Council.

The exhibition presents works of arts  by artists from a range of cultural backgrounds that speak to their connection to their country of origin and to ideas surrounding home, migration and what it means to belong. Organized by OTMH Art Council Curator Shannon Anderson, this is a year-long project.

The OTMH Art Council aims to create a warm and inviting space for those who visit the hospital, through thoughtful moments of art. With leadership from individuals representing Oakville’s cultural community, the Art Council serves to enhance the healing environment, promoting
interaction and connection with art to support holistic health.The Art Council builds its art collection with donations of original pieces from professionally recognized artists of local and national significance, and with financial contributions to support the purchase of artworks to
display throughout the hospital. Focusing on subject matter that dignifies life and promotes healing, both physical and emotional, the Art Council recognizes and values the therapeutic effects of art experiences. .


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